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Maharlika East

Tagaytay is officially known as the city of Tagaytay. It is a sub- city in Cavite province, in the Philippines. Because of its location above Taal Lake, in the highlands, the climate it offers attracts most of the tourists from the country. The beautiful scenery and the high altitude fuses to provide the comfortable and relaxing atmosphere to those who prefers to go there.
Also, Tagaytay receives seasonal influx of holidaymakers during the Christmas season. It has only dry and wet seasons and usually has mild temperature. The place is rich in spots of sightseeing and has multitudes of destination sites to be visited. The place is also notable for a perfect wedding venue occasioned by the receptions of celebrities and stars in the hotels like Taal Vista hotel.

How to reach Tagaytay
You can take the bus labeled as Tagaytay, Mendez or ‘Nasugbu’. Buses can be found at the provincial bus terminal in Uniwide coastal mall, Paranaque city that heads for Tagaytay city.
You can also travel to Tagaytay via south Luzon expressway or Aguinaldo highway if own a private vehicle.
Airport - Ninoy Aquino International Airport (Manila) is the closest major airport.

Main attractions
- SM Sky Ranch Amusement Park: A theme park that is much of the attraction in Tagaytay is located beside tall vista hotel and has multiple rides that kids enjoy the most. ‘Sky Eye’catches most attraction of all the rides.
- Mabini shrine: It houses the personal belongings of Apolinario Mabini, who was a revolutionary martyr and hero of filipino unity and integrity. He is a nationalistic figure. And shrine also accepts donation.
- Jose P. Laurel Memorial Library: A public library and is seen as a historical site. It has parking area for tricycles and other vehicles and is open every day from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.
- Punta de Santiago Lighthouse: With the service of the jeepneys, you can reach here in 40 minutes. It is one of the earliest lighthouses that are functional even now.
- St. Anne's Shrine: it has a small garden where Virgin Mary’s grotto stands circumscribed with the flowers and shrubbery.
- Tagytay Picnic Grove Complex: it provides an amazing view and increases the level of your picnic with family. In addition, it offers zip line, horseback riding and eco trail; for which charges are taken separately.
- Chapels, churches and Seminary houses: provides layers of religious places for those who seek spiritual transcendence, often is considered as the favourite place for those who wants to achieve quietness and peace.
- Taal volcano: Even a glimpse of Taal volcano is breath taking and is the most exquisite spot one can ever see. Though being the smallest active volcano, the beauty it offers is spectacular as it rests within the Taal River.
- Tripinas is an activity that you can do. They will provide you a boat ride to Taal Lake and hiking to the Taal carter lake.

Places to stay
Tagaytay is famous for the Lawang Taal, the massive lake in the middle of the district of Batangas. The lake provides for the scenic beauty that the region is famous for and gathers visitors in large numbers. The numerous picnic spots are complementary to the accommodations available in the region.
The nearby regions of Talisay and Laurel provide the same experience as Tagaytay with the view of the lake, but just further away from the capital city of Manila. A little further away from the Taal and sharing the boundaries of the Tagaytay region are the Alfonso, Mendez and Amadeo regions. Of the three, the Amadeo region is highest populated and has a wide variety of restaurants you can pick from. Just adjacent to Amadeo and in the region of Tagaytay is the area of Silang, one of the quickly developing regions with ample amenities.

Eateries in Tagaytay
- Antiques Bar at Tagaytay Rotonda
- Bags of beans café and restaurant can be easily spooted by the coffee lovers. Bulalo is best served in Mahogany has food stalls selling exotic food dishes, fruit stands and locally grown vegetables.
- Mushroom Burger, a fast food chain that adds mushroom as the main ingredient is an ideal place for vegetarians.
- Tower Ground is the favourite bulalo spots offering the open-air dining aura.
- Loumars café is best known for its ‘buko pie crumble’ that many tourists take for pasalubong also.
- Taza fresh table restaurant at Taal lake hotel offers delicacies to its customers. They serve the fresh grown vegetables from their own garden.
- Apple tarts are also the chosen option as pasalubong from a restaurant and pasalubong center.
- Lake café restaurant is all day dining restaurant that provides a wide variety of local and international cuisines, pastries, drinks, Vegetarian dishes alongside offering the beautiful view of Taal lake and volcano.
- Kusina Tropikal is a Filipino restaurant and offers authentic balcolod cusine food with mesmerizing view.
- Chef Luigi’s Muchlach’s Amacena Restaurant offers fusion dishes in a vibrant atmosphere.

Getting places
Buses - Regular buses are available that ply the daily passengers from Manila to Tagaytya. Bus companies have their terminals in Cubao, EDSA, and Pasay and at Baclaran.
Jeepneys - ply from Cavite to Nasugbu.
Tricycles - often provides rides to foreigners depending on their price schemes.
Roads are linked with highways and expressways that link the city with adjoining municipalities, cities and towns of Cavite, Laguna and Batangas.

Tips for travel across Tagaytay
- If you are commuting, you can just hire a tricycle from Olivares.
- Even though the locals are very friendly and helpful, be cautioned of pickpockets and scammers.
- Watch for the proper identification of the tour guides (choose those administered by the Philippine tourist board) you choose for Taal lake and other tourists attractions.
- Ask for the complete price inclusive of the tourist fees so that you will not be cheated by anyone.
- Prefer not to take buses going to Batangas or Balibago.
- Avoid JAM transit