Is a Vacation Property in Fukuoka Right for You?
Fukuoka is Japan’s sixth largest city and still expanding. Nestled on the Northern Shore of Japan’s Kyushu Island, Fukuoka is famous for its modern attractions, shopping malls, art and architecture. While it also offers an abundance of ancient temples and stunning coastline. Locals are friendly, extending warm greetings to travelers passing through. Blessed with mild winters and hot summers, Fukuoka has a pleasing climate year-round, but carry a rain jacket just in case!

Where to stay in Fukuoka
HomeAway offers just under 100 holiday apartments in Fukuoka Prefecture, but which are is the best to set up camp? Hakata, a small merchant town, sits on the Eastern side of Naka-Gawa River. With a large number of restaurants and hotels clustered close together, Hakata is a great place to stay if you don’t want to have to walk too far. While for those travelers who want to up the excitement level, stay in Nakasu. The most expansive nightlife and red-light district in Western Japan.

Top things to do in Fukuoka
Stroll through the expansive Ohori Park, a registered place of scenic beauty. Make sure you explore the wonders of the Marine World in Fukuoka City. Home to 120 sharks, various dolphins, sea lions and many other aquatic creatures. For a history lesson, head on over to Kyushu National Museum. Home to exhibitions on ceramics and fascinating facts about the cultural exchange between neighboring countries.

Transport in Fukuoka
Fukuoka offers an expansive transport network served by two railways, three subway lines and a bus network. Buses tend to be cheap and frequent with one every ten minutes. While the subway serves many of Fukuoka’s tourist attractions. As well as getting you to Fukuoka airport in under five minutes. Taxis are readily available for small sightseeing groups within the city if required.

Natural attractions in Fukuoka
Fukouka may seem ultra-modern but there are also many natural attractions to discover. Locals consider the Kushidi Shrine to be the most important in the area. Transforming it into the centre point for the biggest festival in Fukuoka every year. Or head on over to Fukuoka Castle park, where you will find sports facilities, an art museum and a baseball stadium all in one.

What to eat in Fukuoka?
A trip to Fukuoka isn’t complete without tasting the local sushi. Sushi-Zanmai, in particular, offers fresh sushi made right in front of you at a reasonable price. While Yakitori is another local delicacy of grilled chicken/veggie skewers and is delicious. To taste the best in Fukuoka opt for Yakitori-Hachibei, which is one of the most highly respected restaurants in the city.

Family vacations in Fukuoka
For family-friendly entertainment head on over to the Science and Culture Centre. With a range of fascinating exhibitions including; robotics, music, geology, biology and a computer room. The kids will learn and have fun at the same time. If the weather is good, tire out restless kids at Umi No Nakamichi Kaihin Koen outdoor park. It’s filled with playgrounds, slides, a trampoline, a pool complex, an aquarium, and rental cycles.