Neutral Bay

Neutral Bay

Neutral Bay is situated in the lower North Shore of Sydney, at about 1.5 km away from Sydney CBD. The name Neutral Bay originated in the colonial times, when the governor of the area allowed foreign ships to dock at the harbour for water and supplies. This was designed to keep suspicious ships away from the mainland and not letting the convicts kept in mainland escape in the foreign ships.
Neutral Bay had a community of people who were interested in alternate architectural styles, which influenced many buildings built in that period in the area.

How to reach Neutral Bay
You can reach Neutral Bay from Sydney City to North Sydney via rail or road. Trains run on the North Shore line via Town Hall and Wynyard and reaching Neutral Bay Station. Road access to Neutral Bay from Sydney is through Bradfield Highway and M1.
Airport - Sydney International Airport is a world class airport connected to 46 domestic destinations as well as 43 international destinations. The airport has all amenities required for passengers, having almost half the chunk of International passengers travelling to and from Australia. Three terminals are there in the airport, with two of them operating for domestic flights.

Main Attractions
- Luna Park Sydney is an amusement park constructed adjacent to the Sydney Harbour Bridge in 1935. The park had been closed several times due to mishaps and expansions. The place has witnessed filming of a number of movies.
- Blues Point Reserve gives the visitors an excellent view of the city, bridge and the ocean.
- The Oaks Hotel was built in 1885 and has been of social importance ever since. There is an old oak tree in the compound, which gives an epic ambience. There are a number of restaurants, bars and pubs in the area.
- Cremorne Synagogue is a Jewish synagogue in Neutral Bay, founded in 1960. There is particular importance given to children and women for the synagogue activities.
- St Augustine's Anglican Church was built in 1929 and is a beautiful Gothic architecture.
- Neutral Bay Club is situated in Ilbery Reserve with tennis and bowling facilities. It is one of the oldest licensed club established in 1882.
- May Gibbs lived in Phillips Street, in a two-storey house called Derry, now a heritage centre.
- Neutral Bay Junction in Military Road is a prominent shopping centre in the area.
- The Big Bear Shopping Centre has a mall with a number of supermarkets and grocery stores.
- The Ensemble Theatre has been the longest continually operating professional theatre group, having first performed in 1958.
- Wendy Whitely’ Secret Garden was created by Brett Whitley’s widow in loving memory of her husband.
- Natural Wanders is an amazing morning tour offered around the area in and around Lavenders’ Bay and Harbour Bridge.
- Mary MacKillop Place Museum was opened in 1995, in one of the Practical School for novices that operated in 1900s. The museum tells the story of the rise of Catholicon Church in the colonial period.
- Anderson Park is a local recreational park operative since 1890. Various sporting facilities are available in the park.
- Primrose Park Art & Craft Centre has been operative since 1991 and provides educational and recreational resources, chiefly based on paper based arts and crafts.

Places to Stay
Neutral Bay has a number of sea-facing apartments and rooms for rental. Prices range from budget to splurge.
Crows Nest is farther from the harbour and is more of a residential locality with few stay options ranging from mid-range to expensive.
Cremorne has a larger number of choices for stay and will suit for larger groups wanting to stay together.
Cammeray is further north and you can rent out sea-facing harbour side properties suitable for group vacationers.

Eateries in Neutral Bay
In Restaurant, The Botanist, Maisys24, Woodland Kitchen and Bar and Sails on Lavender Bay are few of the Australian cuisine serving restaurants in the area.
Restaurant 16, Italian Street Kitchen, Ezzelinos, Pizza Capers, The Oaks Hotel and Cactus Bay serve fine Italian cuisine.
Spice up your tummy with Thai food from Bangkok Betty, Sam Thai, Yok Thai, Trinity Thai or Basil & Mint.
Jugemu & Shimbashi, Izakaya Samurai, Kyushu, Tanpopo, Tobikiri and Ichibandori are some of the noteworthy Japanese restaurants in the area.
Finefish, Neutral Bay Seafood and Sails on Lavender Bay will serve you awesome seafood.
Indian curry in your mind, head over to Curry Place, Tellichery, Flavour of Goa, Dhakshin or The Colonial.

Getting Places
Taxi - Taxis are available easily in the locality during daytime. However, night time, even though not deserted, will have fewer number of taxis on the road.
Bus - Bus services in the area is quite prominent and a good share of residents depend on buses to commute to work.
Train - Good train connectivity from Sydney is available to Neutral Bay via Town Hall and Wynyard. Trains are quite busy during the peak hours.
Ferries - Both private and public services are available from the end of Hayes Street.

Tips for travel in Neutral Bay
- If you are driving around, be warned that parking could be very difficult to find.
- Weather is favourable from September to November and March to May. It’s summer from December-February.
- A single travel card can be used across various modes of travel.
- Do not leave your car in case of breakdown. Wait for assistance to arrive.
- Avoid carrying excess money and display of expensive items.
- Do not fall drink spiking. As a general rule, turndown drinks offered by strangers.
- Ensure you are appropriately clothed and you are updated with weather updates before deciding to spend your day in open, like in a park or beach.
- Smoking in public is banned. If spotted you might attract penalty. Drinking in the beach also is an offense.
- If not familiar with the Australian road rules, avoid driving in the already busy streets.