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Maroubra, the word has Aboriginal origin which means like thunder. Maroubra is one of the best surfing beach in east Sydney with its consistent waves. Maroubra is a longer stretch of beach when compared to the more popular Bondi and Coogee. However, Maroubra is more downtown and peaceful country side. The suburb is the second largest in Randwick City Council. This place is famous among experienced surfers as well as the beginners. Maroubra’s residential development started in early twentieth century until which Aboriginal dominated the area.

How to reach Maroubra
Bus services are available to Maroubra, coming through Bondi Junction. There is no direct train service to Maroubra, but trains are available till Bondi Junction, which is about 10 minutes away by road from Maroubra. Driving down to Maroubra is another option as the drive will take just 20 minutes from City Centre via Anzac Parade.
Airport - Sydney International Airport is the closest airport to Maroubra. The airport is the oldest operating commercial airport with top notch services for passengers. Ranked 35th in the world in business, the airport is connected to 46 domestic and 43 international airports. You can get a cab or take a bus easily to head over to Maroubra from the airport, which is 7 km.

Main Attractions
The laidback village is a good picnic spot for you to spend a couple of days peacefully with your family. It’s relatively less crowded than Bondi and has a longer stretch of white sand beach to boast about.
- Surfing is a prime activity in Maroubra Beach, which is Australia’s second National Surfing Reserve, attracting a number of people to the beach to surf. The beach is long enough to be hosting two surf clubs. The main advantage is the consistent waves in this part of Pacific Ocean, almost all round the year.
- Try your skating skills at Maroubra Beach Skate Park. It’s accessible for every one for free in all age groups.
- Mahon Pool is an excellent place, 500m away from the beach, to spend swimming in a saltwater rock pool.
- Jack Vanny Memorial Park is part of the Eastern Coastal Walk and is adjacent to the Mahon Pool. It gives a full view of the Lurline Bay.
- Arthur Byrne Reserve is an excellent beach side grassed park. It has plenty of place for kids to play, ball games, jogging and barbecue facilities. An outdoor gym is also provided here.
- Heffron Park is a very good recreational centre in Randwick city council, the biggest of its kind within the city council. It has good training centres for a number of sports activities including a cycle track of 4.2 km length.
- Wylies Baths and McIvers Baths are also at walkable distance from Maroubra.
- Gordons Bay can be accessed only by pedestrians. The spot is protected by a reef and is a favourite among divers with its rich natural trail.
- Maroubra Fun Run and Oktoberfest is a popular annual fest held here.
- National Institute of Dramatic Art would be of great interest to you if you are told its alumni include Mel Gibson.
- Pacific Square Shopping Centre is a good shopping centre with outdoor eating facilities. McKeon Street and Marine Parade are also good areas to shop and eat.

Places to Stay
Maroubra has a god number of options to stay to suit your requirements. There are facilities that can be rented out fully for large groups. You can find price ranging from mid-range to splurge kind.
Malabar is at walkable distance from Maroubra and has accommodation ranging from budget to expensive.
Coogee being the popular locality, has higher number of options to pick to stay. Rates are bound to be slightly higher being close to Bondi.
Check out the few apartments available in Botany if you want to stay slightly away from the beach. These facilities are ideal for larger groups of 6-8.

Eateries in Marboura
For quick bite you can check Billy’s Bar Espresso, Marini Café, Tradewinds, Shingle Inn, The Little Kitchen et al.
Golden Unicorn, Cheun Sing BBQ, Hot Wok Kitchen, Noodle Boy, Fu Lin, Imperial Peking, Sunny’s Takeaway etc. are few of the Chinese restaurants in the area.
Head over to El Toro Topas, Maranello’s, Rocketboy Pizza, Crust, Princess Table etc. to munch down good quality Italian food.
Yum Yum Thai, Chilled Out Thai, Jasmine Thai Cuisine and Beach Sand Thai serve good Thai food.
Good quality burgers are served at Inferno Grill & Café, The Feedbag Burger, Tradewinds, Ribs & Burgers, Krazy Chix et al.
Kokoroya, Maroubra Sushi Train, Izakaya Goma and Poke are notable Japanese restaurants in the area.

Getting Places
Buses - Maroubra has a good network of public transport and is well connected to other suburbs via buses.
Rail - Maroubra is expected to be covered by light rail network soon as the proposal is already made to city council. Currently, Bondi Junction is the nearest railway station for Maroubra commuters.
Taxi - Taxis can be easily found here. You can also rent out a car if you wish to drive around. However, parking can be difficult mostly.

Tips for travel across Maroubra
- Always stay between the two flags while surfing or swimming.
- If the flag is not visible, the beach is not safe or unpatrolled.
- Be wary about sun tans and take necessary precautions like sun cream.
- Do not panic if you are caught in the current. Raise one hand for help from lifeguards.
- Swimming after a meal is not advised.
- Alcohol is strictly prohibited in the beach and you may attract fines for consumption.
- Stay clear off the streets once it is darks as the area has drug users and alcoholics.
- Parking is free up to 4 hours, but you may find it difficult to find space, even though it is lesser crowded than Bondi and Coogee.
- Swimming should be avoided as a precautionary measure after 24 hours of storm, as runoff can cause accidents.