Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach

The word “Bondi” is believed to have its origins from an aboriginal word, roughly meaning, sound of water breaking over rocks. The Bondi Beach came into public fame in the middle of nineteenth century and has become an over-crowded picnic spot today. The popularity of the spot meant that the beach had electric trams in as early as 1905. The beach is a truly democratic place with nationals across the globe visiting one of the greatest beach picnic spot.

How to Reach Bondi Beach
Situated 8 kms away from Sydney, access to Bondi Beach is not difficult. You can opt to drive down to the beach, but you may end up searching for a parking spot with about 1000 cars parked daily around the area. Buses run at a frequency of every 10 minutes to Bondi Junction, which is 3 kms away from Bondi Beach.
The nearest railway station is Bondi Junction, which is 2 kms from the beach. You can take a bus from the station or opt for a cab once you get down at the Bondi Junction. However, trains will save you time as Sydney traffic is quite cramped.
Airport - Sydney International Airport is the closest international airport, which is connected to and from a number of international destinations. You can take a bus or train or cab to Bondi Beach from the airport. However, train from the airport is an expensive option, as cabs are cheaper and convenient in case you are a group of at least three.

Main Attractions
The golden sand beach of Bondi is the main attraction with opportunities to sit, relax, surf or take a stroll.
You can swim and enjoy between the red and yellow flags or be prepared to face the wrath of rough see. Volunteers ensure you stay in the safe area.
Surfing is a major attraction here. You can either body surf or gear up properly and surf on surfboards. You can get your surf lessons at the nearby Pavilion and head over to the surf clubs in the southern end of the beach.
Get sun-baked. 20 minutes is the safe limit for tans. Going topless in the beach is legal and you might meet a few passionate gays and lesbians in the beach, so may not quite be the family spot.
You can get a quick wrap up of Bondi Beach by utilising the Bondi Boat services.
Scuba Diving opportunities are available along the coastline.
A few interesting walks that can be suggested are the walk to North Bondi and Ben Buckler, walk along the coast to Tamarama and Bronte, walk to Watsons Bay and the Gap etc.
Do try and get up before the dawn to witness the sunrise from the Pacific Ocean. Christmas and New Year celebrations in the beach are very colourful.
There is annual kite flying festival held in the Bondi Beach called the Festival of the Winds.
North Bondi Surf Classic is another event which hosts 2000 swimmers in an all-age race.
Bondi Market or the Sunday School Market in the nearby Bondi junction is a good place to grab locally designed stuff. You can find unusual clothes and pottery with Australian designs.
Bondi Beach Community Market is another place to shop for jewellery, sunglasses, and clothes.

Places to Stay
Bondi Beach has everybody’s choice when it comes to stay. The place accommodates backpackers at rates as cheap as $10 per night to luxury stays worth $1000 per night. The beach never sleeps and be prepared for some kind of crowd even in early hours of the day. Even though booze is not allowed in the beach, a few places are available in the beach side to share a drink and enjoy nightlife.
If you have come to Bondi Beach as a large group and want to be in your private world, you may opt to stay in Bondi Junction where you have the option to rent out entire properties and apartments.
Rose Bay is situated towards North Bondi and is home to many luxury stays. Apartments and villas are rented out in this locality which offer highest luxury and can go north of $2000 per night.
Tamarama is towards South Bondi which has stays ranging from budget to mid-luxury. Ideal for large groups looking to stay together.

Eateries in Bondi Beach
The place is a paradise for food lovers offering local as well as all kinds of international cuisines in dining of varied luxury. Bondi Beach has a number of cafes where you can get a quick bite and head over to the sands to munch it down.
The restaurants and cafes are mainly situated along the Campbell Parade. Many hotels lets you bring your own alcohol, but may charge you a nominal corkage fee.
Bondi Trattoria Café Restaurant, Pompei’s, Gelbison Pizzeria, Fiorinni’s Restaurant, Papa Giovani Trattoria et al offer Italian cuisine.
Down Under Café, gabby’s Café, Le-Paris Go Café, The Hall Street Café etc. offer great coffees.
Montezuma Messa is noteworthy place for Mexican food.
Monkey Magic, Thai Flora, Lemon Grass Thai, thai Terrific, Intra Thai etc offer Thai cuisine.
In addition, you can find all your international food chains like McDonald’s, KFC, TGI, Nando’s etc on a short stroll.
The Beach Road Hotel and Bondi Hotel are the biggest bars in the beach. Bondi Icebergs has some great views and is relatively cheaper drinks.

Getting Places
Walk - Bondi Beach is a real crowded area and walking around might be easiest and fastest option.
Buses - Buses can be taken to move around to other parts from the nearby Bondi Junction which has buses as frequent as in 10 minutes during the day and 30 minutes during the night.
Cabs - Available in plenty and are metered. Be wary of the traffic.
Trains - Nearest railway station is Bondi Junction and has good connectivity. It is a faster option compared to buses as they do not have to deal with the traffic.

Tips for travel in Bondi Beach
- The Beach is sunny across the year and be prepared to get tanned.
- Best climates are experienced during March-April and October-November.
- Follow the instructions of volunteers in the beach as the waters can get quite rough.
- Not quite a family picnic spot as you will encounter a number of romantic couples of different orientations.
- Traffic and parking in the area is quite heavy, and you may want to leave your cars behind for a peaceful day out.