【台中住宿】台中樓特 一中館Lof@《匹茲堡》│Taichung Hostel

【台中住宿】台中樓特 一中館Lof@《匹茲堡》│Taichung Hostel

Taichung, Taichung City, Taiwan




  • House
  • Entire Home
  • 2 guests
  • 2 bedrooms
  • 1 bed
  • 1 bathroom


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- 一個散步的距離, 臨一中街, 一中夜市2分鐘
- 沒有交通工具沒關係, 客運站就在路口
- 24小時旅店管理, 並提供旅行建議及包車服務:)
- 我們堅信, 評價也有好品質,乾淨舒適的房間是給每個旅者的承諾

您將立即收到《一中樓特 - 匹茲堡》的地址與電話
住房時間:Check in - 17:00 至隔日11:00 Check out.
請抵達後來電, 我們會有專人接待您

數量珍稀, 心動, 就別遲疑.
一中樓特旅宿, 匹茲堡, 期待您的光臨.
Pittsburgh-the steel capital of the world, spread of the industrial revolution in the early 20th century with his light and heat, close your eyes, as if back to the industrial age, wonderful sonorous interpretation of my trip. ----On Pittsburgh PITTSBURGH,-a a walking of distance, Pro a in the street, a in the night market 2 minutes-no transport doesn't matter, station on in Junction-24 hours hotel management, and provides travel recommends and the tours service:)-we firmly believes that, evaluation also has good quality, clean comfortable of room is to each brigade who of commitment if we is honored to received you of Xia set you will immediately received a in the floor special-Pittsburgh of address and phone housing time: Check in-
17:00 to 11:00 Check out on alternate days.
Please call on arrival, we will have someone meet you each room type is to be able to meet a number of people who understand it the rare and exciting, don't hesitate. Loute hotel, Pittsburgh, looking forward to your visit.


  • TV
  • Cable TV
  • Internet
  • Wireless Internet
  • Air Conditioning
  • Elevator in Building


Cleaning Fee no charge
Additional Guests no charge
Security Deposit USD 0
This amount will be collected by your Host upon check in and returned upon checkout to protect against damages or missing items. Learn more
Cancellation Moderate
Full refund 5 days prior to arrival, except fees


House Rules

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• 為顧及您的隱私,在入住期間我們將不會打擾您
- 續住期間不會入房進行清潔,請把這兒當自己家
- 如果您續訂房間、備品會在入住第一天備齊

• 早餐不輸夜市,選擇性十足
- 無提供早點,出門3分鐘即有中西式早餐店

• 如您有低樓層、安靜入眠需求,我們將事先為您安排
- 1~3樓有電梯,房間位於3~5樓

• 響應地球保育,需要您和我們共同為環保盡一份心
- 房內備品為牙刷牙膏組、沐浴乳、洗髮乳等盥洗用品
- 敬請自備梳子及刮鬍刀、浴帽等可重覆使用工具

• 請留意住房時間,延時將產生額外費用
- Check in, 下午5點以後,
- Check out, 中午11點前

• 相信您也希望入住一個品質滿分的優質旅店!
- 夜間請注意音量,讓每個旅客可以睡飽飽明天繼續玩
- 依照菸害防制法,公共空間全面禁菸
- 嚴禁轟趴、吸毒、酗酒等違法行為,我們不想請警察大哥出面
- 請幫我們愛惜房間,若有損壞或遺失,需支付設備費用

• 請留意入住價格,因連續假日或暑假時有所調整,將以報價為準
"Pittsburgh staying Convention" • for account you of privacy, in staying during we will not disturb you-continued live during not into room for clean, please put here Dang himself home-if you renew room, and spare will in staying first days ready • breakfast not lost night market, selective full-no provides earlier, out 3 minutes that has West type breakfast shop • as you has low floors, and quiet sleep needs, we will prior for you arrangements-1~3 floor has elevator, room is located in 3~5 floor • response Earth conservation,
Need you and we common for environmental do a copies heart-room within spare for toothbrush toothpaste group, and bathing milk, and wash sent milk, toilet supplies-please owned comb and the scraping Hu knife, and bath cap, can repeat using tool • please attention housing time, delay will produced additional costs-Check in, 5 o'clock in the afternoon yihou,-Check out, noon 11 o'clock Qian • believes you also hope staying a quality full marks of quality hotel! -Night Please note volume, let each passenger can sleep full full tomorrow continues to play-in accordance with affirms anti-business method, public space full smoking-is strictly prohibited detonation lying, and drug, and alcohol, violations, we didn't want to please police brother stepped in-please help we care room, if has damaged or lost, needed paid equipment costs • please attention staying price, for continuous holiday or summer Shi has adjustment, will to quotes for associate

Other Details

Check In 5:00 PM
Check Out 11:00 AM
Size 20 ft2
Minimum Stay 1 night
Maximum Stay 90 nights

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May 2016

這裡好像是新的房間 整個環境都很乾淨 床很舒服很好睡 我自己很挑枕頭 他們家的床讓我覺得很舒服 電視也蠻大的 數位電視選擇算多(有住過雜訊很多的那種 這裡不會) 整體來說很開心又離中友很近 逛街很方便
Here seems to be a new room the whole environment is very clean and bed very comfortable sleeping I myself pick their bed made me feel very comfortable pillow is quite large digital TV choices too much TV (live noise a lot of that here) is very happy and very close to friends in shopping is convenient

Host Response

Dear visitors, Dear Sirs: Evaluation and feedback thank you very highly, so happy you enjoyed our room, hope to serve you again in the near future service, welcome to again play yo ~
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